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Select a time period using the "From" and "To" dropdown menu. "Display annual only" will hide quarterly figures on your chart. Note that data is not available for the current quarter.

Click "Add" to view data on particular regions or countries.

High yield bonds are defined as BB+ and below. Leveraged loans include sponsor-backed and leveraged corporates. To compare loans, click the "Loans vs Bonds" tab above the chart. To see loan figures broken out by tranche type, institutional versus pro rata, click the "Loan Tranches" tab above the chart.

Middle market is defined as financing sizes below US$/€150m

Institutional' includes tranches sold to institutional investors, e.g. TLBs, 2nd Lien, Unitranche, Mezzanine, PIK, etc.

Pro rata includes bank-only tranches, e.g. TLA, Revolvers, acquisition/capex facilities, etc.

Use of proceeds is determined by the purpose of the financing. Click "Add" to view data filtered by the primary purpose of financing.

Click "Add" to view data filtered by industry sector.

Middle market is defined as financing sizes below US$/€150m

Value refers to total US$ billion amount. Volume relates to the total number of high yield bonds/leveraged loans

North America and Western Europe cannot be compared to Rest of world as the inclusion criteria for each region are different

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